American: All-Division (Offense)

Big North Conference
1st Team All-Division
Student-Athlete’s Name Name of member school Year Position {optional}
Alex Alberque Ridgefield park Senior QB
Nick Dispoto Ramsey Senior QB
Michael Poleway Pascack Hills Senior Back
Dejan Adair Ramsey Senior Back
Chris Fitzgerald Ridgefield park Senior Back
Connor O’Grady Ridgefield park Senior Reciever
Julian Johnson Ridgefield Park Senior Reciever
Will Dyson Cliffside Park Senior Reciever
Shane Carter Cliffside Park Senior Tight End
Avery Oliver Dumont Junior Tight End
Ryan Woods Ramsey Senior Center
Eric Delvescovo Ridgefield Park Senior Guard
Pierce Donegan Dumont Senior Guard
Anthony Cebulski Dumont Senior Tackle
Travis Picariello Ramsey Senior Tackle
Michael Neazer Cliffside Park Senior Kick Return
Mohammed Al-Abdalla Cliffside Park Senior PK
2nd Team All-Division
Student-Athlete’s Name Name of member school Year Position {optional}
Steven Spoto Cliffside Park Senior QB
Jonathan Molinelli Pascack Hills Senior QB
Tunde Fatiregun Ridgefield Park Senior Back
Eduardo Rivera Ramsey Junior Back
Tyler Messinger Pascack Hills Sophomore Back
Ahmed Abo-Zed Ridgefield Park Junior Tight End
Ryan Ribaudo Ramsey Senior Tight End
Anthony Marchetti Pascack Hills Sophomore Reciever
Gary polanco Cliffside Park Sophomore Reciever
Justin Reidi Dumont Junior reciever
Thomas Porcelli Ridgefield Park Senior center
Kyle Ryan Ramsey Junior Guard
Francisco Osorio Cliffside Park Junior Guard
William Mailley Cliffside park Junior Tackle
Jim Zurich Pascack Hills Junior Tackle
Bryan Brud Dumont Senior Kick Return
Jonathan Fava Pascack Hills Junior PK
Honorable Mention All-Division
Student-Athlete’s Name Name of member school Year
Alaa Quandeel Cliffside Park Senior
Justin Aquila Cliffside park Sophomore
Troy Balkum Dumont Senior
Dennis Schuck Dumont Senior
Robert Stauffer Jr. Ridgefield Park Sophomore
Freddy Garcia Ridgefield Park Sophomore
Andrew Losos Ramsey Senior
Kevin Farrina Ramsey Senior
Nick Bianco Pascack Hills
Trevor Bickel Pascack Hills
Coach of the year Vic Tribuzio
School Ramsey