Fans, coaches and players are expected to honor and obey all rules and regulations of the NJSIAA and the Big North Conference governing fair play.

Fans, coaches and players are expected to treat the opponent, the officials, and other fans with respect and courtesy, their safety and comfort should never be endangered.

Players are expected to appreciate that athletic participation is a privilege to be enjoyed, not a right to be abused.

Fans, coaches and players are expected to make good sportsmanship a priority at all times.

We take great pride in the efforts of our athletes, the leadership of our coaches and the support of our fans.

Enjoy the game SPORTSMANSHIP begins with you!


Cheer enthusiastically for your teams. Let your cheers be positive and encouraging.

Accept the decisions of officials. They are working to ensure the game is played fairly. Shouting disagreements or booing calls are not endorsed.

Respect your opponents. Taunting, finger pointing, or yelling offensive comments at players or coaches on opposing teams will not be tolerated.

Perspective it is a game involving high school athletes attempting to do their best, always keep that in mind.

Enjoy the efforts of all the athletes.